In our experience, we've found that many companies out there are in business to generate as much profit as possible, even at the expense of being able to provide great service to go with their great big prices! At Macomb Party Bus, you won't find us making excuses to find new and different reasons to rake your pocketbook over the coals. It is our mantra that customer service and providing excellence in our vehicles and chauffeurs is what is most important. Because, if our customers aren't happy, we're not happy. After all, what good is a company without customers? If we make a little less in the short run, it is worth it to us to keep you happy with the value you've received in our services.

To that end, we keep our pricing as close to operating cost as is feasible. You'll find pricing may vary depending on demand and other costs beyond our control such as the cost of fuel. Other factors determinant in pricing are high demand days like St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve. So if you're on a tight budget, you can save substantially by avoiding these types of days, as well as avoiding normal peak days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When you call, feel free to inquire about package deals or discounts that may potentially benefit your reservation: Our number again is 586-276-7475.